Khamis, November 10, 2005

Putting on Hijab and its Discontent

The hottest debate currently slipping thru the lips of Malaysians is the university law of wearing tudung imposed on non-Muslim students. The Cabinet has decided that such law should not be imposed and that the "wearing of tudung be made optional for students in all universities and higher learning institutions in the country." The media regarded the consensus is "likely to cheer members of the public who believe that moderation should always be the path that this multi-racial country takes."

Read about it here, and here.

Aizuddin Danian is among the bloggers who has written on this matter here and here with wide-ranging views raised on the comment page. Meanwhile, the highly publicized comment made by Batu Gajah MP Fong Po Kuan can be read here.

My humble observation is that such issue generates a lot of interest from Muslim and non-Muslim alike. I just hope that all these debates and arguments will lead us somewhere, on understanding each other better perhaps.

Tapi aku macam tak percaya je ada orang samakan isu ni dengan peristiwa yang mencetuskan gerakan hak asasi oleh (Mendiang) Rosa Parks.

Dunno whether to laugh out loud or to cry my heart out...

(Aku memang daripada dulu lagi inginkan rambut panjang di kampus. Sepatutnya aku simpan rambut panjang dan kalau aku dihalang daripada terima skrol masa konvokesyen aku hanya perlu e-mail kat mana-mana MP. Mesti kabinet akan ubah undang-undang melarang rambut panjang bagi siswa di kampus dan dapatlah aku berambut panjang masa konvo hari tu!! Ish takkan la kalau kabinet boleh ubah satu undang-undang universiti ni undang-undang lain diorang tak boleh nak pertimbangkan? Heck, why not change ALL the rules of the universities?)

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