Ahad, Januari 08, 2006

Raging Against the Machine

My favourite spot. Always in the middle of the train connecting the two coaches. Less crowd, more space. I assume that people can't stand the times when the train turns so they'll avoid this area. I don't mind that much though.

Look around you.

That guy near the door, wearing those thick, geeky glasses. Pointed hairdo is just so commercial, dude. What's with the half-done tie? You might as well choke yourself to death if you don't want to wear it!

You can't be more capitalist than this guy with three fucking briefcases - one would be his work, one his laptop, and the other one - I have no idea, might be his underpants.

Do you even understand what you're reading? Hardcover three times the size of Kamus Dewan in a fucking train? You got to be kidding me.

Haiya nyonya, biar benar. Jangan tolak-tolak boleh tak? Makcik ni dah la agak obese, terhimpit saya ni! Ni bakul-bakul apa ni? Why is she standing in the first place anyway? Patutla - ada sorang 'Adlin Aman Ramlie' duduk rilek je kat depan makcik ni. Bontot berat ke brade? Kalau mamat ni dua kali kecik dari badan aku dah lama aku debik. Bodoh takde kesedaran sivik!!

Wow, mamma mia ... keep staring, girl. Cute. Wearing a blue jeans and a simple t-shirt, I thought she resembles a tall Wynona Ryder in the movie Reality Bites but with a long hairdo. I'd approach you if you weren't in the next coach and there's more room for me to walk towards you in this packed train.

Or if you weren't with that guy next to you who looks too young to be your husband but too daring not to be one. What a loser.

Now there's a bunch of English tourist standing at the right exit, their accent seems English. The group of five could be in their thirties wearing casual outfit - colourful shirts with khaki pants or jeans. Now look at the left exit, a bunch of Bangladeshis. They always dressed with style I'd say - long sleeve chequered shirts tucked in neatly to their neatly pressed pants, not to mention the smartly combed hair. How their purposes of being here are in contradiction to one another - one leisurely while the other is for survival. Looking at their faces, if there's one similarity between the two right now is both might appreciate more being in the country than most of us Malaysians. The former might be attracted to the varied people making up the country, the originality of the diverse culture or their fetish might be attached to anything oriental while the latter would be thankful how they could earn a ringgit to be sent back home. Insaf la pulak, I hope I'm not taking anything for granted living in this blessed country.

Ah, here's my stop - Pasar Seni. Why la this people cannot understand to let people exit the train first before boarding in? Stupid!

"Hoi! Why the hostility?"

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