Rabu, September 13, 2006

Belated Merdeka Celebration Special: Lower Down the Union Jack!

My country is free
We are living happily

1511 the Portugese invaded
for our herbs and spices
The Dutch played their part
creating history of fart

Japanese banzai
'Rockets in the sky!'
and resistance were grand
When the Brits took our lands

But now
My country is free
I am living happily

Now the Portuguese are back
with our herbs and spices
but not with their commandos
have you eaten Nando's?

and I am
Working with an American firm
Driving Japanase car
Die-hard fan of British football
Shopping in Dutch hypermarket

but nevermind that
because my country is free
and we are living happily

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amanitium berkata...

sarcastic post...

Sikenit Comel-AminBakish berkata...

tentang kita.

nrmn berkata...

apa alternatif yang ada?

dugongsenyum berkata...

Math & Sains dalam English, tempat mengenal ABC pun kena jajah jugak hahaha